Qurbani Syria

Give Qurbani to the most needy people in Syria


The Syria conflict is considered the worst humanitarian crisis in the world, with over 13 million people in need of humanitarian support. Millions of people are without access to safe, clean water and Syria’s medical infrastructure is on the brink of collapse, with more than half of hospitals and healthcare facilities damaged or destroyed. 

“…Sacrifice with an open and happy heart” Tirmidhi 

We ensure the Qurbani is done after Eid prayers in the UK, it is packaged and distributed on the same day. Each parcel contains enough meat to feed a family of five up to three meals.

See Qurbani FAQ's for full details and sharia

This Eid you can feed many extremely desperate men, women, children and the elderly, who may not have had a healthy protein packed meal in a long time.

£170 is the cost of Qurbani of one full sheep in Syria.

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