Have some time to spare? Want to become involved with an NGO? Passionate about helping others?

This is the place for you. We are always in need of volunteers – they’re the backbone of our work. By becoming a volunteer for SKT Welfare, you’ll get valuable charity experience, contribute greatly to relieving the suffering of some of the world’s most depraved regions, and meet some interesting people.

Sounds great, right?  So let’s get started.

If you know what you’d like to do for us, that’s great.  If not, that’s okay too; we always need enthusiastic volunteers.  We are currently looking for help in the following areas:

  • Food Aid Deployments were you travel out with us to help deliver food packs to Syrian refugees living in Turkey
  • Planning of fundraising events, whether on a small scale or large, to help fund our projects.

If any of these projects interest you, or you simply want to explore other options in which you can help, please contact us.  We look forward to working with you to build a better future for those most in need!

If you are unable to give of your time at this moment, your financial support is just as important!

Volunteerism is the vital thread that harmoniously links together our fundraising efforts and our aid delivery. Since our inception, SKT Welfare volunteers have remained intrinsically at the heart of our work. Their enthusiasm and compassion towards fighting poverty and relieving the suffering of the innocent around the world has driven our fundraising efforts to success.

Volunteerism is a special mechanism that connects people with their surroundings and the global community. SKT Welfare is breaking down the barriers between individuals living in the UK and those in need around the world. Connected by a union of a common story of humanity, volunteers are gifted with perspective and an empathy that can be attained in no other way.

We have a range of avenues volunteers can take to express their passion towards helping those in need. Fundraising is the way that most of our volunteers make a difference to our work. Our volunteers have organised challenges, marathons, dinners, tea parties and set up their own initiatives to raise essential funds for their chosen projects. There is the opportunity to get involved with in office volunteering and even the chance to experience first hand what it is like to deliver aid in our deployment programme. You can help in many ways and the SKT Welfare team will nurture your zeal to become a global change maker.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up to be a volunteer today!

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In accordance with the Data Protection Act, I agree that SKT Welfare may hold and use personal information about me for volunteering reasons and to keep in touch with me. This information, including that contained in this form can be stored on both manual or computer files. It will be held securely and only accessed by authorized personnel.

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SKT Welfare’s deployment programme provides volunteers the opportunity to become fully invested in the end-to-end process of aid delivery. Involvement allows individuals to make a real tangible difference to Syrian families in dire need, and build a true appreciation for the mechanisms and challenges that accompany international relief efforts.

We take a group of aspiring change makers out to Turkey to deliver essential aid to Syrian families living as refugees. Volunteers visit schools, deliver food packs, identify families in remote areas for door-to-door deliveries, visit orphan care facilities and spend time with locals.

Our character-building programme teaches individuals to become collaborative and responsible on a global level, with many wanting to take ownership of their initiatives thereafter. After gaining this insight into the core aspects of humanitarian work, volunteers will often become ambassadors, inspiring empowerment, equality and change for communities in need. Typically, following the deployment, returnees feel affected by their experiences; their level of engagement with all types of volunteering takes on a renewed sense of purpose, and they find themselves functioning at a heightened level as they’ve witnessed what people are enduring first-hand. Most importantly, they themselves have seen the actual difference their efforts make to real peoples’ lives. Having experienced the journey from initial fundraising to actual delivery they find themselves acting as champions for such work, promoting the same sense of duty towards humanity in others.

In order to provide individuals with an experience that explores the full gamut of humanitarian aid efforts, volunteers are required to raise a set amount of funds before they travel on a deployment to Turkey. This enables them to see their fundraising transform into necessary items such as food and clothing for those lacking such basic necessities. Our experienced and professional teams on the ground provide support, guidance and direction for volunteers who join the programme.

SKT Welfare aims to deliver essential aid whilst also promoting reduced dependency through creating avenues for self-sufficiency and helping to develop empowered communities over the longer term.