Controlling, curtailing and preventing access to water became a way of subjugating the population of Syria early on in the conflict that continues to plague the country.

An inadequate – in some places non-existent – supply of clean water has become the norm, with daily skirmishes over this essential resource. Where it is available, prices have often skyrocketed, rendering it unaffordable to many. The war has damaged much of the water supply infrastructure – also affecting sanitation and waste-disposal – with deliberate targeting of supply networks and related structures still a daily occurrence.

SKT Welfare continues to operate in the some of the hardest hit areas of Syria, delivering clean water to as many locals as possible. For the last two years, three water wells supported by several hand pumps in Ghouta remain functional and their distribution is expanding. To complement this, teams of volunteers drive trucks around visiting homes and supplying water to deprived families or those that live far from the wells. A water tank located near the SKT Welfare office is filled up daily, serving as an additional access point. Furthermore, the Qah refugee camp, near the border with Turkey, benefits from an SKT Welfare operated water well which has so far benefited 912,500 people.

Over the course of 2016, we will be looking to extend the supply of water by installing additional hand pumps in different places. We are surveying the needs of other towns and villages, with a view to drilling additional wells and opening fresh supplies of water to more areas.

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