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SKT Welfare firmly believes charity begins at home


Statistically, one in every 200 people are homeless in the UK. Shockingly, it is estimated that around 320,000 people sleep rough or live in inadequate housing.

At SKT Welfare, we believe charity works best when the whole community gets involved. Over the last 10 years, SKT Welfare has been involved in many community projects, supporting vulnerable people with soup kitchens, emergency relief, care home visits, hospital support, and much more.

A starter kit for the homeless, because together we can do great things! 

SKT Welfare has proudly joined forces with the Greater Manchester Homes Partnership, helping to uplift people from the streets and into permanent housing. 

£75 will provide one starter kit: 1x Toaster, 1x Kettle, 1x Microwave and a £20 grocery voucher for a homeless person who has recently moved into permanent housing.

To find out more about GMHP visit

A cup of tea won’t solve everything, but it’s a start!

Tea Club is a social outreach program set up in the Birmingham area to encourage opening up the discussion about local homelessness. We offer people sleeping rough a warm drink, hygiene supplies, some food and most importantly somebody to talk to. SKT Local’s Tea Club members sit and chat over a cup of tea with people on the street as we understand the power of simple human connection.

To join Tea Club, please contact: [email protected]   

Keeping hearts warm!

Each winter, SKT Welfare takes the lead in distributing winter clothes to homeless people in major cities throughout the U.K. Before the first frost hits, our trusted group of volunteers distribute full rucksacks in their local area, filled with thermal layers and much-needed supplies.


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