Syria Hospital

Al Huda Hospital has been attacked numerous times through the Syrian assault.


Al Huda Hospital was built in 2014 by SKT Welfare and is funded by SKT Welfare to this day.

It has been attacked numerous times through the Syrian assault. Each time the hospital has been rebuilt and has continued to operate.

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Renewed bombardment in Idlib, Syria has increased the number of casualties and placed intense pressure on the hospital staff, resources and facilities. More than 216,000 civilians have fled their homes in opposition-held areas of Northwest Syria in the past two weeks.

252 civilians including 79 children have been killed as a result of the renewed violence.

“Children are bearing the brunt of the intensifying violence” Unicef

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Al Huda hospital treats 15,000 patients monthly, 144,000 patients have been treated in the emergency room approximately, 1,853 patients treated in intensive care, 23,890 operations have been performed to date. 

It is the only medical facility-providing healthcare for an estimated population of just under one million people.

Located in Northern Syria, near Aleppo, headed by a dedicated team of surgeons, it comprises an Emergency Room, ICU unit, fully equipped operating theatre, Physiotherapy department, X-Ray, Incubators, ultrasound room, Orthopaedics Department, sterilisation room, pharmacy, laboratory, full emergency services including ambulances as well as a clinic for minor injuries. The number of the hospital staff is 83 including 12 doctors and 18 nurses. The hospital provides medical services for free, 24 hours, 7 days per week.


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