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Orphan Care - £240 can help care for an orphan for 1 year


£240 can help care for an orphan for 1 year

Since the Syria conflict began in 2011, over 3.5 million Syrian refugees have fled into Turkey and the numbers continue to rise.

Many Syrian refugee families in Turkey left their homes wearing nothing but the clothes on their backs and are in desperate need of support. Many have experienced unparalleled levels of trauma and continue to experience tremendous grief and alienation, while thousands of refugee children are out of school.  

Our projects in Turkey address both short and long term needs of refugees struggling to settle and move forward with their lives.

Springs of Hope

Almost 400,000 Syrian refugee children in Turkey are not enrolled in schools or receiving an education – the very thing the children need to build brighter futures. Compounding this, many of the children have been exposed to extreme violence and psychological and emotional distress. To help redress this, SKT Welfare built the Springs of Hope Family Centre which caters for the needs of 215 Syrian orphans as well as 70 widowed mothers.

Located in Reyhanli, on the Turkey/Syria border, our Springs of Hope Family Centre was created to provide Syrian orphans and widowed mothers with food, education, recreation, and counselling services, re-introducing Syrian children to a secure, stable, environment and enabling mothers to upskill, empowering them to seek employment and independence. We also provide counselling to widowed mothers and orphans to help them to process and cope with the immense trauma they have experienced.

Springs of Hope operates on a full-time basis, which is only possible with your continued support – Please be a spring of hope to Syrian refugees today.

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