Idlib Emergency Appeal

80,000 people flee for safety after increased violence in Idlib, Syria


Renewed intense bombardment in Syria 'this week' has killed scores of people including children, injured hundreds and forced tens of thousands to flee their homes once again.

SKT Welfare are on the ground in Syria, providing life-saving assistance and support to those affected.

Donate Now! Your donation can help save lives today. Just £50 can provide a family with food for an entire month.

3 million people are at risk in the district. Over 80,000 people have had no choice but to flee their homes in search of safety, often with nothing other than the clothes they are wearing.

Reports reveal that 24 people have been killed so far, amongst who are children. Over 200 people are severely injured and in urgent need of life-saving medical care. 

Don’t forget the Syrian people in their hour of need. £100 can provide a family with water for an entire month. 

SKT Welfare are on the ground in Syria providing essential aid and support to those who need it. We will be providing food, shelter, water and healthcare as appropriate. 

SKT Welfare’s Al Huda hospital in Northern Syria has been providing vital healthcare and life-saving aid to hundreds of Syrians every day, and will continue serving those in need from across the country.

Donate now to ensure we can provide life-saving aid to those in need. Your donations can save lives: 

£50 could provide a family with vital food for a month

£100 could provide a family with water for a month

£150 could provide vital healthcare

£300 could provide an emergency shelter 

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