Sponsor an orphan child do become a Hafiz


“The best of you are those who learn the Qur’an and teach it to others.”


Support an orphan child in Hifz, be the change in a childs life.

The SKT Hifz programme is complete care for the child though the Hifz years and beyond. We provide a safe, clean place to call home for children to grow and learn; food, clothes, healthcare and a caring environment.

Hifz on average takes three years which changes the child’s life, giving them a bright future with hope and a true chance at life. Often these children would not have access to an Education.

Our programme is run by experienced professionals who focus on each individual child and help them progress. The children receive an Islamic education as well as skills for life. They have plenty of time to study, play and relax in a healthy safe environment.

This is a beautiful form of charity that truly changes lives.

Sponsor an orphan to become a Hafiz for £10 per month.


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