Food for Syria

100% of your donation buys food in Syria


The Syria conflict has now entered its eighth year and is considered the worst humanitarian crisis in the world, with over 13 million people in need of humanitarian support. Millions of people are without access to safe, clean water and Syria’s medical infrastructure is on the brink of collapse, with more than half of hospitals and healthcare facilities damaged or destroyed.

Since 2014, SKT Welfare has been at the forefront of aid shipments to Syria. To date, 252,500 people have been recipients of food aid in these vulnerable areas — with over 1000 food parcels and two tonnes of rice being delivered on a monthly basis. We take great pride in seeing our aid delivered – from start to finish. By overseeing the entire process we can ensure that aid is delivered directly to the intended recipient. Two parcels are provided comprising nutritious, essential items like rice, bulgar, lentils, sugar, flour, oil and a small treat of sweets for children who have suffered so much. 

100% of your donation buys food.

We deliver two parcels per family containing:

Rice 4kg

Sunflower Oil 2ltr

Olive Oil 1ltr

Bulgar 2kg

Capillary 0.5kg

Sugar 4kg

Red Lentil 1kg

Green lentil 2kg

Tea 0.4kg

Flour 1kg

Children sweets 0.8kg

Tomato paste 0.83kg

Spaghetti 1kg

Thyme 0.5kg 

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