The crisis in Yemen is described as the world's largest humanitarian disaster. Today, Yemen is on the brink of a famine, and in the coming months, thousands are expected to die due to lack of food and medicine. 22 million people in need of urgent humanitarian aid, 60% of the total population are food insecure. Water sources are contaminated, sanitation systems are failing and only half of the health facilities function.

The UN has described the crisis as 'catastrophic and rapidly deteriorating'.

We will be sending containers to Yemen with Flour and Rice over the coming months.

You can get involved!


Buy: Plain Flour either 20kg bags or 10kg bags and/or Rice 20kg or 10kg bags only

Sell by date: 1 year

(As it takes time to get containers to Yemen and for the distribution to take place due to factors out of our control, we ask you to get maximum sell by dates as these are perishable products)

Drop Off: Various locations below

More locations to be added, to find out more call or message: 07938 128 989

Your donations make a difference!