Following on from successful winterisation campaigns in 2012, 2013 and 2014, SKT Welfare embarked on its winterisation plans for 2015 in late October of the year, with volunteers travelling to Turkey and delivering winter packs to Syrian refugee families in Reyhanli. Our local team in Syria then went on to deliver over 30,000 such packs and 16,000 blankets over the winter period in areas of Northern Syria – including various refugee camps and villages – often in the blistering cold and heavy snowfall.

The winters in Syria are notoriously harsh, with humanitarian assistance in general being relatively scarce. As such any form of relief, be it clothing or shelter, is life-saving. Each of our winter packs contain a blanket, thermal underwear, jacket/fleece, gloves, socks and a winter hat, made specifically for SKT Welfare in Turkey.

Your contributions can help the Syrian people survive those unforgiving winter months. Many are homeless, though even those with homes often lack electricity or heat. Support our winterisation project for 2016 by purchasing a winter pack.

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One winter pack for a child or adult: £25