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What We Do

With no imminent solution foreseeable, Palestine continues to be an intractable hotspot in contemporary geopolitics. In excess of 100,000 Palestinians have had their homes demolished, rendering many homeless.

SKT Welfare remains committed to its efforts in Gaza; to this day one of the most overpopulated regions in the world.



Coupled with its excessive population density, Gaza’s people face alarming challenges around the scarcity of water. Consequently, SKT Welfare has been working on water projects that facilitate access to clean drinking water for the locals.

In August 2017, SKT Welfare built a second desalination plant built in the Al Moare, Khan Yunis, Gaza, where residents had been suffering a looming water crisis. To date, the plants have benefited approximately 0.5 million people, each producing 50,000 litres of water daily. The plants have targeted impoverished and desperate populations, who previously had to travel several miles to collect sanitary water. No human being, should have to go without clean and safe drinking water.

Your aid and support allowed us to undertake this critical endeavor; and we request you continue to give towards this worthy effort, so we can sustain what is undoubtedly a life-giving project.



SKT Welfare’s Palestinian Emergency Relief effort set in after a period of intense and relentless bombing in 2014.

Since then, thousands of food parcels have been delivered to one of the hardest hit towns of Khuza’a with a population of 10,000. In Ramadan 2017 alone, SKT Welfare distributed 1500 food parcels to East Khan Yunis and Gaza City.



Thousands of people in Gaza have been forced to live outdoors as temperatures plummet over the winter period; makeshift shelters have no heating or running water, and most areas face power cuts of up to 12 hours a day.


Our teams on the ground manage to ensure that aid delivery reaches its intended target audience, but it is only due to your continued support and generous donations that SKT Welfare will be able to carry on its much-needed work here. To date, nearly 3000 school children have benefitted from this project in Gaza and we hope to increase the aid budget in the coming months with your continued support.