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Jordan is home to Zaatari; the second biggest refugee camp in the world. Commonly referred to as Jordan’s fourth largest city, the camp is less than ten miles away from the Syrian border and houses more than 80,000 Syrian refugees in rows of prefabricated shelters.

The majority of the refugees in Jordan live in the local communities as opposed to the refugee camps. This generates a huge strain on the country’s infrastructure; particularly towns in northern Jordan adjacent to the Syrian border.



SKT Welfare recognizes that it is only through education can children establish a secure and sustainable foundation for their future.

Al-Huda Centre for Education and Guidance opened in 2014 in Amman, Jordan and is one of our ongoing projects to help achieve this goal. It currently employs 15 teachers who provide for the educational needs of 200 children and 100 adults. Importantly, the centre provides emotional and psychological support as well as academic support to help recovery from the horrors of war and displacement. The centre also delivers extracurricular activities and field trips to help our students develop experiences outside their everyday activities.