With hundreds of thousands of orphans in dire need of assistance, an entire generation of Syrian children is faced with unprecedented levels of trauma, displacement, food insecurity and lack of schooling. The Syrian education infrastructure has been completely decimated, with over 2.1 million children within Syria and 600,000 Syrian refugee children currently out of school. Syria’s children are facing relentless exposure to violence, family separation and intense psychological and emotional distress.

The vast displacement and breakup of families in Syria has created a need for a safe space to promote education, healing and supportive housing for Syrian refugees. SKT Welfare created the Springs of Hope Family Centre to address the needs of orphans and widowed mothers with children.

The centre is situated in Reyhanli, a Turkish town near the Syrian border, hosting thousands of refugees. SKT Welfare provides accommodation, meals, schooling, counselling, employment opportunities and other services for the mothers and children residing there. With a maximum capacity for 70 mothers and 215 children, the centre operates full-time thanks to the generous donations provided to SKT Welfare.

Reintroducing refugee children to a stable, safe environment that includes a regular school day is paramount to the success of this vulnerable population. Psychological support is provided to mothers as well as their children in order to begin to heal the traumas of war and displacement. By supporting mothers in this way, they gain the emotional strength needed to gain independence and support the needs of their children.

The Al-Huda hospital has been a huge success, continuing to offer an amazing level of service to the vast area it serves. We believe that the family centre is an equally, if not more, necessary project. It’s about preserving the wellbeing of the future generations of Syria. Empowering them with a sense of belonging and security, albeit in the absence of their loved ones. Establishing this centre has been one of the most rewarding projects the charity has ever undertaken, and we hope you will join us on this journey to maintain it as its success depends on your generosity.