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Hand Pumps in Pakistan

Water hand pumps in Pakistan

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  • Campaign Created: 01 October 2018
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Between 2017 and 2018, SKT Welfare installed over 1050 hand pumps to some of the poorest regions in Pakistan.

These are presently in operation, giving hundreds of families access to fresh, clean, consumable water from locations much closer to their homes. Over the coming months, the charity hopes to install many more of these hand pumps, Thereby giving hope to many others lacking this basic necessity. 

Availability of drinking water is undoubtedly the biggest issue the people of Muzaffargarh and Rajanpur. On self-help basis, they normally dig wells, as deep as they could, to obtain water which is highly contaminated. However, they have no choice but to use it for drinking and sanitation.

For that purpose, we Installed 1000 water hand pumps in 2017 that immediately eradicated the severe need for water. The project benefitted approximately 15000 people in the areas of Muzaffargarh, Rajanpur and Layyah.

Unfortunately, the number of stories that can be told as a result of water crises are many and the solutions few. Water is an essential component of life that is vital to maintaining health, grow food, generate energy and manage the environment. 

Due to extreme weather conditions, water reserves like wells, river, etc have run dry that led to drought and people especially children die due to ‘starvation’ of water. People are dependent upon rains and monsoon when water flows down the rivers and also goes down the land surface to raise the underground water level utilized for irrigation and drinking purposes.

On the other hand, the people living in the villages of these areas have to carry water from as far as 16 km away from their homes. Certainly, water sources are few and limited, however, water is present in the subsoil of the earth but the poor people don’t have adequate sources to bring water to the earth.

We have surpassed the 1050 hand pump mark and have expanded our operations to locations such as Thar situated just outside Karachi, to donate a handpump in the name of a loved one give us a call on 0300 3020 786

  • Member Since, January 2017

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