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UK Projects

We here at SKT Welfare believe that 'Charity starts at home'. It is easy to forget about the troubles some people face at home when we are constantly bombarded by horrifying news from abroad. It is as a result we have launched a life changing strategy which aims to support and provide for those forgotten many that struggle day to day for food, clothing and shelter.

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  • Campaign Created: 27 September 2018
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UK Projects is a huge movement; a great emphasis and effort will be apportioned to aid in the UK. This encompasses three main areas fundamental to supporting life and helping improve circumstance. Food, Shelter and Clothing.

We at SKT Welfare are in the process of launching several more soup kitchens to run alongside our flagship centre in Keighley, West Yorkshire. Primarily launched with the vision to provide a warm, nourishing meal in a safe and friendly environment for the homeless. After great success we are broadening our horizons to support many more people in many more locations! Everyone is always welcome regardless of their race, religion, gender, age or sexual orientation.


Below is a reflection lovingly provided by a SKT welfare volunteer.

My Encounter with a Wise Man.

A member of the public approached me and began to investigate intrigued about our projects. After telling the individual about a number of fantastic projects we are currently fundraising for and the worthwhile benefits associated, the gentlemen began to smile. He complemented me on my knowledge and the level of information I was able to provide him with in relation to the projects. Seemingly impressed the gentleman continued to probe about our efforts in Bangladesh, Syria, Pakistan etc.

I answered all his questions confidently apart from one. He asked me what efforts SKT Welfare were making in the UK. I struggled to provide him with the answers he was looking for. On reflection although we were doing huge amounts in the UK it wasn’t something I felt confident commenting on. It is at that point the man revealed to me that he has been doing charity work for decades for many organisations helping millions of people across the globe. He continues emotionally to tell me that we have forgotten about ‘our own’ the people we call our neighbours, the people we went to school with and grew up with. Many of them have fallen victim to austerity and are in desperate need of help. He told me that his biggest regret was not influencing and making a greater effort to help those at ‘home’.

He reminded me that ‘Charity Begins at Home’.

Stay connected to SKT Welfare as many more updates are forthcoming.

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