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Empowering Women

The ability for Women all over the world to enjoy their right to control and benefit from resources, assets, income and improve their economic status and well being

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  • Campaign Created: 14 September 2018
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Empowering women is crucial if we are to combat the stereotypes and dogma imbedded in society. For women across the globe life is hampered by obstacles some of which they have imposed on themselves as a result of low self-confidence and esteem but sadly it is more evident that it is as a result of poor provisions and cultural fallacies.

We at SKT welfare aim to break down these barriers and vow to support women not only in war torn and poverty stricken countries but also here in the UK. We believe that no women should be aggrieved and hampered in achieving their full potential.

Statistics from Care international depict a harrowing picture. Twice as many girls than boys will never have the opportunity to go to school and 2/3 of the worlds illiterate are women. It is time we redress this imbalance and provide women with the care, support, tools and facilities they need and deserve to be able to succeed and become aspiring role models for future generations.

The following is a documented narration by a volunteer who had been on a deployment to Pakistan.

Thirteen year old Afsa has cried and begged her mother to buy her a new pair of socks and shoes. Like many girls her age it has been the difference between going to school or staying at home.

Afsa told us that she has repeatedly interrupted her schooling because her widowed mother couldn't afford to replace her socks and shoes. "When I can't come to school, I get very upset. I cry for days for my mum to get me socks and shoes. Afsa walks four hours to and from school each day. She works with her mother in the morning selling crockery at the bazaar. Then, she goes to school for three hours in the afternoon.

It is cliché but we really do not know how blessed we are, something as simple as socks and shoes would change this young girls prospects. What won’t change is her desire for education, like many girls her age she is shackled by the grips of ill circumstance, her father is no longer around and she has to help her mother at the market when she would much rather be at school. How would you feel if this was your child?

Although her mother is in need of support and provisions she is one of the lucky ones. She is able to work, society hasn’t taken her right to provide for herself and her daughter.  This is only a short narrative of what was witnessed; how many countless stories there are that go unseen and unheard? How many cries for help go unanswered?

SKT Welfare is on the ground.

Stay connected with SKT Welfare for regular updates following the launch of this brilliant project.

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