Feed the Fasting Yemen

This Ramadan you can feed a family of five for one month for £50 in Yemen


The crisis in Yemen is described as the world's largest humanitarian disaster. Today, Yemen is on the brink of a famine, and in the coming months, thousands are expected to die due to lack of food and medicine. 22 million people in need of urgent humanitarian aid, 60% of the total population are food insecure. Water sources are contaminated, sanitation systems are failing and only half of the health facilities function.

The UN has described the crisis as 'catastrophic and rapidly deteriorating'.

Our team is working tirelessly to deliver these vital boxes to the needy. Providing families with cooking essentials like rice, oil, sugar, salt, spaghetti, tomatoes and beans. Everything a family needs to prepare for the holy month. 

Each box you buy contains:

25kg flour

10kg Rice

10kg Sugar

4 litre cooking oil

Canned beans

Canned tomato


1kg dates

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