Al-Huda Centre for Education and Guidance, Jordan

With around half of all Syrian children unable to receive schooling due to the civil war, education remains a major focus for SKT Welfare. Many of them have had no education for at least three years, so we decided to tackle this head on by establishing schools in Jordan; the first opened in Irbid in September 2013, followed shortly by our Amman school in early 2014.

Our aim with these schools was not only to provide children with a basic education, but also to create a holistic learning environment. Many of them have been traumatised due to loss of parents and family members, as well as from witnessing, or being subject to, horrific acts of violence. As such, our teachers – many of whom have backgrounds in psychological care​ -​ are carefully selected for their sensitivity and expertise in rebuilding such fragile personalities. Along with reviving the minds of our children we want to likewise revive their hearts and souls. The students regularly participate in extra-curricular activities, trips and social events. SKT Welfare frequently donates gifts to the children, as well as providing financial support. We also have provision for adult education.

Based on logistical considerations we decided to amalgamate the two schools in Jordan into one large institute in Amman; employing ​15​ teachers, with some 300 students, ​of which 100 are adults.

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