Bakery (Idlib Province)

The scarcity of fuel and flour, coupled with random shelling (bread lines are easy targets), are making it almost impossible for bakeries to supply bread. As if the sharp rise in rental prices – at a time when generating income is almost impossible – is not bad enough, food prices are also rocketing up.


SKT Welfare has established a bakery to which we are supplying flour, fuel, and maintenance, including worker salaries. The bakery distributes bread to hundreds of families within 7 local refugee camps on a daily basis. Incredibly, and to our delight, since it began this particular project has benefited over 1.38 million people.

SKT Welfare is able to purchase flour and other ingredients required to make bread, including yeast and salt. A tonne of flour produces roughly 1000 packs of bread, each pack containing 8 loaves. An individual would consume about 2 loaves per meal, so a single packet would suffice the average Syrian family for one meal.

Al-Huda Bakery In Idlib